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Verne & Ed Royal

Selling a house that you love can be an emotional experience. The process requires an understanding of the particular circumstances, well-honed organizational and communication skills, and a commitment to every aspect of customer service. Meredith has all of these traits and more. She was available, attentive, and professional in every encounter. We were told by friends that she was the best, but she exceeded all of our expectations. After having to sell our dream home to make an unexpected move, Meredith made every step of the process flow smoothly. Since we were out-of-town for most of the time, her responsiveness was critical. She stayed connected with us at every turn and brought her calm and professional demeanor to the emotional and business-related issues that arose. We were wowed from the very beginning when we saw how quickly she executed things, beginning with the gorgeous pictures of our home, some taken with a drone. She was there to do whatever it took to move forward, including coming to our house to let people in to perform work or connecting with people to arrange various services. Our experience with Meredith can only be described as spectacular!

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